Childrens book illustrations for The Hoobally Choobally clan

Childrens book illustrations

Childrens book! Over the last little while – maybe six months or so – I’ve been developing a new children’s book with a local author. We’ve been through all sorts of character designs and strategies for laying things out and placing scenes and people in suitable places, and finally, a couple of weeks back I got to work on the actual drawings.

Hoobally Choobally clan

A tale of misunderstanding between two rival tribes, (who really shouldn’t be rivals and frankly have no idea of why they are rivals) gave me plenty of opportunity to come up with some fun scenes and pensive shots. Here’s a couple below. I should imagine the book will be out soon – I’ll let you all know when!

The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Father being stern
The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Imagining the farm
The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Heading off into the distance
The Hoobally Choobally clan
The Hoobally Choobally clan

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Xmas illustrations for the Public Law Project

Xmas illustrations

The PLP asked me to draw up an Xmas image for use on their annual christmas card. Version one (below) was deemed unsuitable, so a re-imagined image (see below below) was drawn up instead.

Version one

Xmas illustrations for the PLP
Xmas illustrations for the PLP – 3 kings admiring the PLP logo in the sky.

Version two

Xmas illustrations for the PLP
Xmas illustrations for the PLP – baby judges opening presents.

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Freelance illustrator creates artwork for Public Law Project

The Public Law Project

The Public Law Project is a regular client of mine. A few years back they commissioned me to draw a series of images to appear on covers of various leaflets and brochures that they were printing. Fast forward to an email appearing in my inbox the other day asking me to revisit one of the images and update it a tad with a shimmy and a re-jiggle.

A techni-coloured city scene

The original image was of a city scene, swirling and twirling in a wash of 60’s saturated colour. The revised version became that and so much more. In fact it actually hurt my eyes to look at it prior to the colour being added.

Judges and normal every day people standing outside an Administrative Court building in a very very colourful and wobbly city (for the Public Law Project)
Administrative Court – Image for the Public Law Project

Illustration essentials

It was important to show the diversity of people who want or need to use the PLP’s services, hence the queue. What’s less apparent is the essential need to make everything extremely brightly coloured. But hey! That’s my job!

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Dinosaur illustration

Dinosaur illustration art for Reading University

A lifelong ambition achieved! Finally, I’ve been commissioned to draw a series of dinosaur images. Now, I know the clever ones of you out there will instantly point out that none of these are technically dinosaurs per-se, they merely lived in the same time-frame as the dinosaurs. Regardless, I’m still very pleased – thanks Reading!

Series of artworks

Trilobite dinosaur illustration
Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur illustration
Paraceratherium dinosaur illustration
Mosasaur dinosaur illustration
Estemmenosuchus Dinosaur illustration
Edaphosaurus Dinosaur illustration

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