Adult Publishing

Adult publishing / aka, not children’s publishing, but everything else.

From time to time books for an adult audience need illustrations too. I’ve created artwork for several memoirs and compilation books to accompany text.

Here’s a few –

Walking My Patch – By Brian Rance

30 Black and white drawings to accompany the text and literary ramblings of a man on a walk around the countryside.  Great fun! If only the publisher had credited me in the title…

Buy a copy from Amazon here.



Hasta Manana – Adult publishing memoirs

A lovely collection of anecdotes and tales of upping and moving from the Uk to Spain, and all the troubles and incidents that happened as a result.

I can’t find a link to buy a copy, so here’s all the artwork for you to have a nose at.

006 - Party trick barman - 72dpi005 - Running Bull - 72dpi004 - Let them eat bread - 72dpi003 - The ash grove - 72dpi002 - To go or to stay - 72dpi001 - We're Off - 72dpi

Sanguine Classics

An hilarious parody of the old Penguin Classics design. Taking adult publishing on a whimsical journey.


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