Board Games

Board games!

I flipping love board games. ¬†Generally the simpler ones and the more esoteric in nature ones. Below are artworks I’ve created for a couple.

City of Zombies

This one’s a winner – quite literally. It keeps winning awards for being good, clever, brainy, mathematical, etc etc.

You can find out all about it on the City of Zombies website.RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_01 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_02 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_03 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_04 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_05 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_06 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_07 RoryWalker_ZombieBoardGame_08

Unnamed Pirate Board Game

One still on the drawing room table at the moment, but hopefully to be released one day.

RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_01 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_02 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_03 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_04 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_05 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_06 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_07 RoryWalker_PirateBoardGame_08

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