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Angry Birds Treasure Island

The Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies star in this mash-up of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. With seafaring birds, pirate pigs, mermaids, and the infamous Octopig, this spoof is sure to appeal to every Angry Birds fan.

Jay, Jim and Jake Hawkins long to be sailors and spend their days listening to old Billy Beak’s tales of the high seas. So when they discover Billy Beak’s long-hidden treasure map, they immediately set sail accompanied by a crew of suspiciously green pirate birds, led by a cook called Long John Smooth Cheeks . . .

Can the Hawkinses find the fabled Easter Egg Island, and can they trust their new pirate shipmates? Find out in this epic, swashbuckling adventure based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s original story.

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One it is, and it is one.

Self-published to celebrate the dogs first birthday.  Yes, I know this is very sad.RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_01 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_02 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_03 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_04 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_05 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_06 RoryWalker_OneItisAndItIsOne_07


Dragon Blood Pirates

A series of 18 chapter books for Hachette Australia.

Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 1 “Death Diamond”

What are Al and Owen doing on a small rocky outcrop in the middle of the ocean? Does it have anything to do with the old sea trunk they were peering into only seconds ago? And are the pirates who rescue them friends – or foes?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 2 – “Doubloons and Disasters”

Al and Owen are back in the Dragon Blood Islands, this time kidnapped by the terrifying Captain Blacktooth. But there are secrets out there that must be unearthed. Will Al and Owen be the ones to uncover the biggest mystery of all?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 7 – “The Deathless Pirate King”

Princess Haree of Ruby Island has been kidnapped by an evil pirate named Razor Toe, and it’s up to Al and Owen to rescue her. But there’s a lot more to Razor Toe than meets the eye…

Can the boys survive a battle with a deathless pirate king?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 10 – “The Evil Pearl”

On Pearl Island lives an evil pirate whose wrinkled cheeks are covered in boils. In order to look young and beautiful again, she must sacrifice thirty children to the terrifying monster that lives in the sea. Can Al and Owen stop her before it’s too late?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 11 – “The Zombie’s Treasure”

On a dark, eerie night Al and Owen find themselves abroad a strange boat with a terrifying-looking man: Velvetfoot, the last of the deathless pirates, who turns everyone he encounters into zombies…

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 12 – “The Power of the Scabbard”

The Scabbard of Invincibility has finally had its powers restored and it is time to return it to Sabre Island. When Al and Owen travel there, they are delighted to meet up with their friend Captain Gunner. But can Gunner be trusted?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 13 – “Slitgut and Emerald Eyes”

Captain Slitgut wants to be king of the Dragon Blood Pirates. First he steals the emerald eyes from the idol on Sabre Island, then he plans to come back and kill all the elephants! Will Al and Owen be able to stop him?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 14 – “Dead Man’s Whirlpool”

Al and Owen return to the Dragon Blood Islands, only to be captured by Captain Slitgut. He forces them to walk the plank and they are sucked into the dreaded Dead Man’s Whirlpool. No one makes it out of there alive…Or do they?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 15 – “Voodoo Temple”

Legends say there is treasure hidden deep within the abandoned voodoo temple on Ruby Island. But the treasure is cursed, and Al and Owen are warned not to go looking for it. Will they heed the warning?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 16 – “Graveyard Diamonds”

A fortune in diamonds is buried in a grave on Casket Island. Al and Owen set sail to find the treasure with Captain Gunner and his crew. But can they trust everyone on board? And what other secrets does the grave hold?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 17 – “Ransom”

The dreaded Captain Slitgut has kidnapped Al’s sister, Hally, and her friend Grenda. Al and Owen must rescue the girls, but a jungle of angry apes, a perilous cliff and three huge bloodthirsty dogs stand in their way.

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 18 – “The Power of the Sabre”

Deep in the heart of Dragon Island lies the sorcerer’s workshop. Does it hold the key to unleashing the power of the Dragon Blood Sabre? And will Al and Owen be able to harness its magic before it falls into the hands of their enemies?

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Dragon Blood Pirates – Book 1 “Death Diamond”

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