ELT / Text Books

ELT (English Language Teaching) illustrations

Various publishers, 2001-2015

I’ve created artworks for over 165 books! ¬†Phew. And by the time you read this, I’ll probably have worked on a few more than that.

ELT and textbook drawings are often quite good fun as they’re just little snippets of a scene or a moment in time that really lend themselves to a humorous interpretation. That said, I’m sure I’ve drawn more than my lifetime quota of people washing the dishes or taking laundry out of the washing machine. However, I do get to learn lots of new and interesting things which I probably should have paid closer attention to whilst at school.

Here’s a selection of recent ELT artworks for various publishers around the world.

RoryWalker_ELT_Colour01 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour02 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour03 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour04 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour05 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour06 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour07 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour08 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour09 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour10 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour11 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour12 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour13 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour14 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour15 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour16 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour17 RoryWalker_ELT_Colour18 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_01 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_02 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_03 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_04 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_05 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_06 RoryWalker_ELT_Linework_07

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