Fantasy Art

Fantasy art – monsters, ghouls, goblins, barbarians, damsels.

Fantasy art is a heady mix of wizardry and axe-wielding mayhem. I love playing board games, so created a series of images that I could send as submission artwork samples to game companies around the world. Based on the typical Lord of the Rings and Games Workshop Warhammer theme’s, I rolled with punches and came up with a selection of fantasy art creatures and scenarios that I thought would whet the appetite of publishers everywhere.

Is that a monster in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Mixing styles to include a bit of cartoon stuff with a lot of cross-hatching, I figured this would woo any potential clients no problem. I mean, who wouldn’t want a giant elephant-faced demon rising out of a stoned looking wizards’ hand as an illustration for their new rule book detailing level 15-22 spells?


Fantasy art wizard and demon
Wizard and demon

Or for that matter, a monster’s compendium or bestiary? Honestly, it wouldn’t be complete without a Rambo’esque character with a turtle-like back pack on would it?


Fantasy art monster man with a shell on his back
Monster man with a shell on his back

Swit! Remember – you can look but you can’t touch!  Otherwise this could very easily happen.  And would we happen your level 18 elven thief then?

Fantasy art slicer!

This could also happen – POP!

Fantasy art tummy popper
Tummy popper

Luckily there’s always a tusked nomad around when you need to get the heck outta there ASAP. Phew, thank goodness for that.

Fantasy art tusked nomad
Tusked nomad

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