Country Life Magazine – Feb 21st 2008

Country Life magazine has been going for many years, and I was honoured to feature a selection of drawings in the Feb 21st 2008 edition to accompany a feature on organic box delivery schemes.

Here’s Country Life’s website where you can find out about the magazine, and maybe even pick up that elusive Feb 21st collectors edition for all you Rory Walker Illustrator completists out there!

This is my favourite illustration of the bunch, a selection of organic farmers getting down to business.

Here you can see the illustrations in all their technicoloured glory.

Second Hand Stevie – McGraw-Hill Australia – Character designs and Cover

Occasionally I get involved in a project that looks like it’s going to be a winner, but for whatever reason falls flat on its face after getting off to a good start. “Second Hand Stevie” was just such a project. I got the text for the first of several books about a young chap called Stevie who organises brick-a-brack events and recycles things, spent ages doing the character designs, doing page roughs, and designing the cover, when it all suddenly got cancelled. Oh well, such is life.

Here’s some character design sheets, you can see how they start off and how they develop into real people.

And here’s the cover rough, full of the excitement of a second hand sale!

This is a rough mock up I did of the cover so that the publisher could see how it could look.

Captain Cool – Watts Publishing – Faster than a speeding train!

Captain Cool is the greatest super hero that’s ever lived. He’s amazing. He can even run faster than trains as evidenced here. There’s still a few copies of my 2nd book for Watts publishing available here

Here’s what someone’s written about it on the Amazon review bit –

from the LEAPFROG RHYME TIME book series.

From the back cover:-

‘Monsters and villains
had best watch out
if Captain Cool
is hanging about!

He isn’t afraid of anything. Or is he?’

32 high quality shiny pages in the popular 2-page spread format. Numbered pages with clear, easy-to-follow text.
Beautifully illustrated in vibrant colours throughout, this delightful book is further enhanced by relevant facial expressions and that rhyming element!

Example of text:-

`If you’re stuck in a jam
or a tight fix,
who will be there
in just two ticks?

“Captain Cool!” we shout.
“That’s who!”
“You should see what he can do!”……..’

`Leapfrog has been specially designed to fit the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy. It offers real books for beginning readers by top authors and illustrators.’

There are a number of `Leapfrog’ stories to choose from and these are listed on the very last page.

I especially like the reference to “Top Illustrators” – ahem.

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