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Childrens book illustrations for The Hoobally Choobally clan

Childrens book illustrations

Childrens book! Over the last little while – maybe six months or so – I’ve been developing a new children’s book with a local author. We’ve been through all sorts of character designs and strategies for laying things out and placing scenes and people in suitable places, and finally, a couple of weeks back I got to work on the actual drawings.

Hoobally Choobally clan

A tale of misunderstanding between two rival tribes, (who really shouldn’t be rivals and frankly have no idea of why they are rivals) gave me plenty of opportunity to come up with some fun scenes and pensive shots. Here’s a couple below. I should imagine the book will be out soon – I’ll let you all know when!

The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Father being stern
The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Imagining the farm
The Hoobally Choobally clan - Children's book illustration
Heading off into the distance
The Hoobally Choobally clan
The Hoobally Choobally clan

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Haunted House Pop-up Book cover.

Sadly some projects get consigned to the graveyard before they’re ever given the chance to get fully off the ground. I was very pleased to be working on a Haunted House Pop-Up book, but for whatever reason the project was cancelled and will never get to see the light of day.  However!  All’s not entirely lost, as I’ve still got a rather snazzy cover to show you all.